This is a small collection of interesting primary sources about specific incidents in Blue Ridge Parkway history. Compiled in 2018 by Anne Mitchell Whisnant, author of Super-Scenic Motorway: A Blue Ridge Parkway History. For more about Anne and her Parkway work, please visit

Photo above: Linville River Bridge, Blue Ridge Parkway, by David Whisnant, 2010.

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Early Mockup for Driving Through Time Project


Digital version of Anne Whisnant's original, hand-drawn paper mockup vision for Driving Through Time homepage.

North Carolina State Historic Marker for Blue Ridge Parkway

20081026 Start date sign.JPG

Photograph by Anne and David Whisnant (taken October 26, 2008) of the North Carolina state historic marker for the Blue Ridge Parkway, located on the…

Blue Ridge Parkway, Section 2-H


This is a long report answering objections to routing the Parkway at Grandfather Mountain. It is found in Browning's materials. To verify…